Testimonies of our collaborators

Jean-Luc F, Project Engineer
Stéphane F, QHSE Engineer
Valère N, Construction supervisor
Neila C, Buyer
Christophe B, HVAC Engineer
Sophie L, Project Manager
Hervé D, Pipeline Supervisor
7 years of continuous collaboration with PLCB allow me to appreciate their ethics as well as their professionalism
3 years of collaboration with PLCB, who struggled to find continuity in my various missions. I am able to concentrate 100% on my work, without worrying about the logistical aspects, wages ... that PLCB manages perfectly.
I appreciate at PLCB first the availability and responsiveness of PLCB staff on all topics, and secondly the fact that all staff pay attention to the employees. There has never been any error or misunderstanding on timesheet or other documents, and there has never been a delay in wages.
On the one hand, I really appreciated our collaboration and the speed of the exchanges with the whole PLCB team. On the other hand, the ease of communication that has not been a strong point in other companies. And we feel like family when we work with you.
French / European company, in accordance with the tax regulations in the context of expatriation (taxes); Support / assistance with its consultants 24h / 24h (appreciable in the context of an expatriation); Consideration and recognition by PLCB to its consultants; State of mind / corporate culture.
I was an employee for 9 years before joining my current company. By this time I worked with PLCB the last year and I can say I do not know many consulting companies that have so much consideration for the human. PLCB has this real desire to value and enrich the skills of its employees to provide quality services, which is a real comfort for both entities and promotes the smooth progress of missions.
A lot of positive points, including the dialogue with management, the regularity of wages, a company on a human scale.