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A word from the CEO

The Management of PLCB Engineering and I, Director of PLCB Asia, are pleased to present you PLCB Asia.

Our affiliate is based in South Korea in Busan and operational since early June 2018.

We have chosen to establish PLCB Asia in South Korea because the biggest majors of the Oil&Gas industry sector are building here their structures.

South Korea holds the leadership in the field of shipbuilding industry

The core business and business lines of PLCB Asia

Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC) & Refrigeration

Being myself a specialist in the field of the HVAC & Refrigeration systems and having evolved over the last 15 years in the design, installation and commissioning of HVAC systems within the sector of Oil&Gas industry (mainly for the French company TOTAL), we create an HVAC & Refrigeration entity within PLCB Asia.

We will focus our activity in the Oil&Gas industry sector, offering global solutions for upgrading HVAC and refrigeration systems that have become obsolete, or requiring modifications or modernization: retrofitting for operation with ‘clean’ refrigerants (friendly for atmosphere), optimization of capacity and control./span>

Our HVAC expertise includes the integral management of the project: EPCC contract

  • Audit of installations and systems on site

  • Modernization engineering of the existing system and new system: Mechanics, control and regulation

  • Procurement and manufacturing of materials and systems

  • Delivery of Certified systems for hazardous areas: IECEx and ATEX

  • Commissioning and performance tests


During the construction phase, the cost for mobilizing engineers dedicated to handle the execution of the ‘Field Engineering’ on the Asian shipyards is an heavy budget’s post of a project.
Also, the substitution of the mobilization expatriated resources by Korean human resources as an alternative solution proposed by PLCB Asia, represents a significant source of cost reduction for the Oil&Gas compagnies.

Not ‘conventional’, the mobilization of such resources will be realized in two stages.

  • Mobilization of PLCB’s Korean engineers within the engineers of our customers and in the countries where the engineering of their projects takes place.

  • At the end of this design and detailed engineering ‘appropriation’ phase, PLCB Asia’s Engineers will be in full capacity to assume the Filed Engineering activities at site during all the phase of construction and commissioning on Korean or Singaporean and Chinese yards

Derivation of the activities of PLCB Engineering

COMMISSIONING is the flagship activity of PLCB Asia

About PLCB Asia’s development strategy and our presence in South East Asia

South Korea is a country at the forefront within the technological sectors, but with very different usages from those of our Western countries.

We have chosen to work in close collaboration with a Korean partner and have favored a company with a strong cursus and exceptional qualities: proven knowledge within majors Korean shipyards experiences and projects, but also a conceptual approach to the partnership in total adequacy with ours.

We have headquartered our PLCB Asia in the offices of our Korean partner: VEOLTE.

Strategically ideally located in Centum Haeunday business district in Busan, established in the Centum Sky Biz building, we are pretty close to the three largest shipyards of South Korea: DSME, Samsung and Hyundai.
Most of the companies operating in the Oil&Gas industry are also based in Busan.

Our ambition

PLCB Asia aims to develop his activities in South Korea, but also in South East Asian countries such as Singapore, China, or Malaysia, which are major established or emerging actors in Oil&Gas industrial sector.

The recruitment of our Partners in South East Asian countries is based on the strategies developed in South Korea.

Priority on Singapore:

As Singaporean partner, we have chosen the company ABI, whom is very well established in the domain of Oil&Gas services in Singapore.
We started our activity in Singapore in early July

The recruitment of our Partners in South East Asian countries is based on the strategies developed in South Korea.

Regarding Malaysia and China:

Our steps are underway


Christophe Brunet

Our partners in Asia

South Korea